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TOON CONSOLIDATED COMPANY LIMITED is a NIGERIAN-wide buyer broker. If you are seeking to purchase NIGERIAN Real Estate, you may wish to consider that:

A buyers agent will locate the best properties in the best areas and get the buyer the lowest price on the best terms.

A buyers agent will provide the facts to help you assess value, market conditions, future potential, and give you all the information, he has access too, good and bad!

A buyers agent will guarantee loyalty, confidentiality, communication and will use his best endeavors to safeguard your interests.

As your buyer agent we research properties, using our extensive geographic knowledge and contacts, that are unlisted, listed and properties listed for sale by other companies.

A NIGERIAN multiple listing service is not available and TOON CONSOLIDATED COMPANY LIMITED real estate system allows you as a buyer to have access to specialist properties that with other agents and companies you may never have the opportunity to consider.....

As a member of your team, we will be working to find a property that satisfies your needs. We will conduct the negotiations and the purchasing process with your best interests in mind.

Great Real Estate opportunities exist in NIGERIA . Start your search today by contacting TOON INVESTMENT LIMITED for a free consultation on your requirements.

We provide consultancy and assistance service relating to foreign trade. Our services are focused on:

1- your Nigerian market

2- your Nigerian partners

3- your Nigerian business development.

4- your Real Estate purchase